I like my work to speak, delight, amuse and surprise.  I’m drawn to the restorative power of time spent in the peacefulness of the natural world and enjoy the challenge of manipulating clay into delicate and intimate objects, using elements and imagery from that world. 

Most recently, my work has evolved from narrative teapots and sculptures into chair forms.  The chair as a symbol, represents a place of safety and comfort, where one can retreat, rest, meditate and reflect.  Each chair piece depicts a small slice of a fragile, wild place, a snapshot in time where an elusive bird has briefly come to rest.  These illusions are further brought to life with painted surfaces using underglazes, china paints and glaze.

My goal is to call attention to, honor, and respect the importance of endangered and threatened habitats and wildlife.  I invite viewers to pause, and find quiet in the rhythm, essence, and detail of the vulnerable places and creatures represented in my work.


artist’s statement